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Take a CAFE Break!

Welcome to the first edition of CAFE Break!

I'm Judith Pinto. I have a Bachelor's degree in Science (specializing in Zoology), training in solution focused coaching, and training in NeuroMeditation. My favourite courses in my zoology degree were my interdisciplinary neuroscience and genetics courses. And then, of course, mammalogy! (I actually spent a month tracking big horn sheep in Jasper National Park for credit!).

I pull all these skills and interests (and a boat load of life experience as a mother, wife, pet Mom, entrepreneur, meditator, multi-cultural soul, and human services professional) together to offer myself as a NeuroMeditation Instructor and Intuitive Solutions Coach (yes, that's a fine blend of science and woo!).

What can you expect in these posts?

I'll be serving up a range of musings, contemplations, meditations, and reflections on the science and art of living as a Calm Attuned Freely Engaged human being.

While I primarily work with Type A Moms - those driven career/entrepreneurial women who seem to "do it all" with effortless ease (Pssst! I know you're paddling like mad underneath!) - this blog can be useful for anyone looking to overcome overwhelm and find their way to Calm Attuned Free Engagement in life (C.A.F.E. for short!)

Sign up to receive these on a weekly basis!

I know you're busy, so I promise these posts will be short, but helpful.

If you're interested in finding simple ways to overcome overwhelm, sign up to take a weekly CAFE Break!

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